WordPress Elementor Specialist Certification

The most powerful, cloud-based web builder! WordPress is able to solve many of the problems businesses face online. It’s a safe bet that serious skills in WordPress can translate into a lucrative career opportunity. There is a high demand for skilled freelancers, contractors, and direct hires. WordPress developers make an average of $57,778 per year, according to Indeed.


What are the benefits of getting a WordPress Certification?

The attainment of the WordPress Elementor Specialist certification proves the competency of the candidate at an industry standard-level and the readiness to enter the job market. Hiring managers can use this certification as a means of justifying the recruitment, as well as an index for the placement of a job seeker in a job.


  • Stand out from the crowd and meet the requirements of a job application.
  • Improve your CV or freelance portfolio.
  • Test your knowledge to see how good you are.
  • Learn new skills and increase your earnings.
  • Gain trust and creditability.
Exam Details

Number of questions: 35

Time limit: 45 minutes

Passing score: 75%

Format: 100% In-App

The examination procedure
Each student will have his/her own WordPress installation (depending on the test they are taking).
The students will have to answer all the question within the given timeframe.

They are free to ignore as many questions as they want. They will have the option to answer the ignored questions at the end of the test (within the 45 minutes timeframe).

All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. When the test finishes the result of the examination is sent to KP’s server for storing. If the examinées enter their credential again, they will be able to see the results for each of their vouchers.

Find more information about our Exam Retake Policy and Exam Proctoring options.

Exam Objective Domains

1. Theme Builder

  • Setting conditions using theme builder
  • Build theme part with dynamic content
  • Create headers and sticky headers
  • Custom 404 page
  • Customize WooCommerce Product with Elementor
  • Customize Product Archive Page with Elementor
  • Create Single Page and Single Post Templates with Elementor

2. Design & Layout in Elementor

  • Typography
  • Global colors and Fonts
  • Create Vertical Progress Trackers
  • Exit scrolling text effect
  • Create flashing Images
  • Create a Vertical Header
  • Shortcode widget in Elementor
  • Text widget in Elementor
  • Image carousel in Elementor
  • Margin and padding basics

3. Elementor Forms

  • Form Design
  • Send personalized email confirmation from a contact form
  • Inline contact form
  • Create multi-step forms

4. Responsive design with Elementor

  • How to make responsive pages
  • Elementor Mobile Editing Tools
  • Hide Columns per Device
  • Custom Positioning Responsive Behavior
  • Making your site tablet and mobile friendly
  • Responsive Image Hotspots

5. Pop up

  • Promotion box
  • Create a button to trigger an Onclick Popup
  • Shopping Cart Popup
  • Popup conditions: Triggers and Advance Rules
  • Content Lock Popup
  • Login Form Popup
  • Countdown Popup
  • Related Posts Popup
  • Create Responsive Menu using Popups

 6. Dynamic Design with Elementor

  • Create a directory using Elementor, ACF and CPT UI
  • Dynamic Content
  • Dynamic Lightbox
  • Dynamic Request Parameters
  • Dynamic Contact URL
  • Dynamic User Profile Pictures and Numbers
  • Dynamic Colors

 7. Motion Effects

  • Add Entrance Animation
  • Create sticky scrolling effect using Elementor
  • Add scrolling effects
  • Animated text effect
  • How to use x and y anchor points with motion effects in elementor
  • Create an Image Movement Illusion in Elementor
  • Mouse track animation
  • Parallax effect
  • Animated headline widget

 8. Website performance optimization in Elementor

  • Website images optimization
  • Website layouts with Elementor
  • Performance optimization with Elementor
  • Web hosting providers
  • Third party tools for optimization and performance boosts
How to take the WordPress Elementor Specialist Exam

If you’re ready to get WordPress certified, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • register on Knowledge Pillars and create your account,
  • buy your exam voucher from the Knowledge Pillars webshop,
  • you will receive email instructions on how and where to take the exam, be sure to check your email SPAM and add Knowledge Pillars to your email contact list.

Once you have passed your WordPress Elementor Specialist exam, you will get a confirmation email from Knowledge Pillars notifying you of when you will get your digital transcript and paper certificate.

Please view our Exam Policies for more information.

IMPORTANT: KP Certifications are also available through remote proctoring, to allow all our candidates to take exams in safety, during the COVID-19 emergency. Please contact our support for more information: support@knowledge-pillars.com 


Technical Requirements

The minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 OS, MacOS X 10.0x or newer, Linux OS
  • Minimum RAM: 1GB or more depending on the Operating System
  • Minimum processor: 1.0 Ghz or more depending on the operating system and the architecture
  • A color monitor with minimum display resolution: 1366px by 768px
  • Internet access
  • The latest version of the Chrome browser
  • Automatic updates, notifications, other popup windows, and anything that can disrupt the examination process should be disabled

WordPress Elementor Specialist

Number of questions:35
Time limit45 minutes
Passing score75%
Format100% In-App
Practice TestYes


I am a Marketing Specialist, also very skilled in WordPress. I often handle and manage content and create powerful pages and messages in the WordPress editing environment. I spend 50% of my time working in WordPress and I have always been concerned about my lack of credentials for this powerful and largely used software.

I’d like to outline or prove my skills in some way so that I may improve my career, increase my value in the market, and chances of getting a higher salary. The Knowledge Pillars WCE certification addresses this need, it offers a new, innovative and powerful means to prove my skills in a practical way by showing concretely my ability to manage, build and edit in a WordPress environment.

Jessica Parker

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