WordPress Certified Developer Certification

The WordPress Certified Developer certification is a professional designation that recognizes a developer’s expertise in using the popular WordPress content management system. The certification assesses a developer’s knowledge of WordPress development best practices, the WordPress codebase, and the ability to build custom WordPress solutions. By becoming certified, a developer demonstrates their commitment to their craft and proves their ability to effectively create and maintain high-quality WordPress websites. This certification is suitable for experienced WordPress developers looking to showcase their skills and advance their careers.


What are the benefits of getting the WordPress Certified Developer Certification?

The WordPress Certified Developer certification offers numerous benefits, including career advancement, industry recognition, skill improvement, networking opportunities, and increased earning potential.

By becoming certified, developers demonstrate their expertise in using WordPress and set themselves apart from others in the industry.

The certification process requires extensive study and preparation, and provides access to a community of like-minded individuals. Overall, it is a valuable investment for anyone looking to advance their career in WordPress development.

    Exam Details

    Number of questions: 40

    Time limit: 45 minutes

    Passing score: 75%

    Format: 100% Linear and In-App

    The examination procedure
    Each student will have his/her own WordPress installation (depending on the test they are taking).
    The students will have to answer all the question within the given timeframe.

    They are free to ignore as many questions as they want. They will have the option to answer the ignored questions at the end of the test (within the 45 minutes timeframe).

    All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. When the test finishes the result of the examination is sent to KP’s server for storing. If the examinées enter their credential again, they will be able to see the results for each of their vouchers.

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    Exam Objective Domains

    Candidates are required to have at least 150 hours of combined instruction and hands-on experience with using WordPress before taking the exam.

    1. PHP for WordPress

    • Creating a new theme
    • PHP functions
    • PHP arrays
    • The famous “Loop” in WordPress
    • Conditional tags
    • Header & Footer
    • Convert static HTML template into WordPress

    2. Pages

    • Interior page template
    • Parent & Children pages
    • To Echo or not to echo
    • Menu of Child Page Links
    • Navigation Menus

    3. Blog Section

    • Blog listing page
    • Blog archived
    • Custom queries

    4. Template Hierarchy

    • Working with the style.css file
    • Working with the functions.php file
    • Working with the index.php template
    • Working with Headers and Footers in WordPress
    • Working with Custom Templates
    • Working with Search Templates
    • Adding Menus and body_class
    • Adding Markup to a theme
    • Working with sidebars in WordPress
    • Archives in WordPress
    • Page Templates

    5. Template Tags

    • General tags
    • Navigation tags
    • Post tags
    • Thumbnail tags
    • Comment tags
    • Author tags
    • Conditional tags

    6. WordPress REST API (AJAX)

    • Load Content with JS
    • Generate HTML based on JSON
    • Conditional Login within template literal
    • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
    • REST API: Add new custom field
    • REST API: Add custom URL
    • Create JSON Data
    • WP_Wuery and Keyword Searching 
    • Working with Multiple Post Types

    7. Action and Filter Hooks in WordPress

    • Action Hooks in WordPress Core
    • Exploring Action Hooks 
    • Filter Hooks in WordPress
    • Exploring FIlter Hooks

    8. WordPress PHP Plugin Development

    • Introduction to plugin development
    • Setting up the files
    • Plugin Header
    • Create a Settings page
    • Settings Sub Pages
    • Link to Settings
    • Plugin File Paths
    • Options API
    • Settings Array Options
    • Settings API
    • Settings Sections
    • Setting Fields
      How to take the WordPress Certified Developer Exam

      If you’re ready to get WordPress certified, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

      • register on Knowledge Pillars and create your account,
      • buy your exam voucher from the Knowledge Pillars webshop,
      • you will receive email instructions on how and where to take the exam, be sure to check your email SPAM and add Knowledge Pillars to your email contact list.

      Once you have passed your WordPress Certified Developer exam, you will get a confirmation email from Knowledge Pillars notifying you of when you will get your digital transcript and paper certificate.

      Please view our Exam Policies for more information.

      IMPORTANT: KP Certifications are also available through remote proctoring, to allow all our candidates to take exams in safety, during the COVID-19 emergency. Please contact our support for more information: [email protected] 


      Technical Requirements

      The minimum system requirements are:

      • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 OS, MacOS X 10.0x or newer, Linux OS
      • Minimum RAM: 1GB or more depending on the Operating System
      • Minimum processor: 1.0 Ghz or more depending on the operating system and the architecture
      • A color monitor with minimum display resolution: 1366px by 768px
      • Internet access
      • The latest version of the Chrome browser
      • Automatic updates, notifications, other popup windows, and anything that can disrupt the examination process should be disabled

      WordPress Certified Developer

      Number of questions: 40
      Time limit 45 minutes
      Passing score 75%
      Format 100% Linear and In-App
      Practice Test Yes


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