WordPress Certified Editor Certification by Knowledge Pillars

Having professional certification to represent a skill that you have acquired is an excellent and often necessary credential. This is particularly important when seeking employment opportunities as it validates your experience, training, and knowledge in your chosen field of expertise.

Regardless of the amount of experience you have in your field, being certified proves you’ve put in the time and effort to validate your skills. It also gives potential employers tangible evidence on which to make their recruiting decisions and negotiate salary expectations. This is applicable in the case of a skilled WordPress editor who has vast knowledge about managing posts, pages, tags and categories, editing comments, and the likes but has nothing to prove all of these skills. How can potential employers validate your skills and experiences in the management of WordPress if you do not have a certification to prove it?

If you find yourself in this category, there’s no need to worry as this exactly is what Knowledge Pillars is all about. It’s about time you get for yourself a vendor-neutral certification which could open up great opportunities for you as a young professional.

What We Do at Knowledge Pillars

Knowledge Pillars is a new establishment created in 2020. It is the brainwork of professionals from In-App, IT certification and EdTech industries who have collectively acquired three decades of experience in these fields. As a result of their thirty-plus years of experience in these fields, these professionals have decided to form Knowledge Pillars, a top-notch coding and web development certifications provider.

KP is set to offer a complete learning experience to students and IT professionals who wish to boost their knowledge base, develop and prove their skills. This is our primary goal as a coding and web development learning service and certification provider. As part of our objectives, we offer graduates and young professionals certifications that are globally recognized.

Also, we offer certification exams that are aligned to the job roles of today, to help bridge the gap between the industry demand and supply. When we do this, we contribute our quota towards the growth and development of the industry through qualitative information and education offered to young professionals.

WordPress Editor Certification

WordPress is a web content management system which allows anyone to perform many functions like editing, managing, and creating contents for online use and consumption. It helps to manage various types of contents, both text and image or otherwise.

WordPress is an open-source content management system written in Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and paired with either MySQL database or MariaDB database. It is the most common content management system as it has been recorded to be used by over 60 million websites.

Moreso, it was recorded that 33.6% of the world’s 10 million websites were built with WordPress. This explains the quality of its management system. WordPress can also be used for application domains like Pervasive Display Systems (PDS).

Its original purposes for creating it was to be a blog publishing system, but in the long run, it was made to support other content creation sites. WordPress now offers a long list of options for sites such as membership page, email list, and learning management system.

Being A WordPress Editor

To be a WordPress editor, there are various duties and options available for use on WordPress. These include;

Post ManagementUnder this objective in WordPress, there are various methods of doing so such as;

  • Creating Posts: One of the duties of a WordPress editor is to create blog posts which are to be published on the site. Posts created can be different categories such as entertainment, sports, movies, music, business, finance, politics, etc., depending on the audience you have. The purpose of this post is to appear readable to your audience, to get their attention, make them read what you have to offer, and make them find your site interesting enough to come back for more content.
  • Other functions include replying and approving comments, editing profiles, advanced editing, etc.

Managing Tags and CategoriesIn WordPress, you can change, create and remove the initial tags or category of a post. This mainly happens when you feel the initial tags and category isn’t right or you find a better one that is suitable for search engine optimization.

Media Library ManagementUnder the media library management, an editor can do the following;

  • You can upload from your local gallery or import a feature image or video as a contribution to your post. You can also remove and modify pictures you do not need or find suitable for the post.
  • You can size your image or compress your video to the required pixel or size so it can be successfully uploaded. Some media are too large or are of low quality for the post and might not be accepted by WordPress, but you can make some changes or adjustments on them.
  • You can use a filter provided by WordPress to search for the needed media and insert directly on the post. You can also do some editing to ensure your image is suitable for the post.

Why Is WordPress Certification Important?

It is essential to get certified as a WordPress Editor to:

Prove Your ProficiencyWithout a credential to back up your claim as an experienced WP Editor, you hold no ground when the time comes to prove yourself. Your certification tells how proficient you are in the field.

Exposure to Opportunities In The Digital Space: The outbreak of Covid-19 has helped to accelerate the need for digital professionals who can create and manage content, but how do you convince an employer without a certification?

Favoritism During Hiring ProcessThe certificate makes you a preferred candidate for any related position amongst hundreds of applicants. A hiring manager will favour a certified applicant.

Knowledge Pillars WordPress Certified Editor Certification

The WordPress Certified Editor (WCE) can presently be said to be the only certification available for candidates or young professionals who hope to get a credential in WordPress Editing. This certification is very practical, promoting a practical form of learning and practising in which candidates will have the opportunity to correctly complete projects and perform tasks to pass the exam successfully.

The WCE is a globally recognized certification needed by all young professionals in getting hired by employers in need of their skills. The WCE is a vendor-neutral certification. This implies that the subject matter is treated broadly for better understanding by the students. It expands the knowledge base of the students.


The WCE, which is the first WordPress certification, offers a wide range of learning opportunities for young professionals, and its certification offers huge opportunities for career advancement and growth.