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It’s a fact, employers love certifications. They validate the experience, knowledge, and determination of potential candidates, helping recruiters find diligent professionals when expanding their workforce. Despite this fact, there are a wealth of people who have experience in certain fields but have limited certifications to validate their level of experience and proficiency, especially in programming languages like Python. Without certification, potential employees run the risk of losing out on a position in favour of a candidate who provides valid documentation to validate their experience.

This could be the case of a skilled Python programmer who is clearly knowledgeable in the programming language yet does not have a credential to prove it. Regardless of your level in the skill, either as a beginner or as a professional, it’s often recommended you get a certificate to satisfy employers expectations during the hiring process.

Certifications like this are what Knowledge Pillars specialise in providing. Get the most of your Python certification from an organisation that is dedicated to providing in-app vendor-neutral certification for young professionals.

About Knowledge Pillars

Recently established in 2020, Knowledge Pillars boasts professionals and experts who have garnered eighty plus years of experience in the EdTech learning services industry building complex In-App certification exams designed for the job roles of today. In just a few years, KP plans to be the leading provider of coding and web development certifications.

The goal of KP is to offer a total learning experience to IT students and professionals who want to expand their knowledge and develop their skills. We deliver globally recognised training instruments and credentials that could help young professionals to take progressive steps in their careers.

We provide industry demanding practices, training and certifications to make sure there is a bridge between the gap of industry requirements and their supply. By doing this, we contribute to the growth of the industry by providing quality validation of skills to professionals.

Python Certification

Due to Python being a prevalent programming language, many professionals want to prove their level of proficiency in it. However, there are many courses, programs, and certificates available for them, offered by different coding and development focused institutes like Knowledge Pillars.

In Python, there are different levels of certification, depending on the proficiency of the individual and what is offered by the institute.

At Knowledge Pillars, Python certification are offered in various levels

  • Python Coding Practitioner (PCP)
  • Python Coding Specialist (PCS)
  • Python Coding Expert (PCE)

Python Coding Practitioner (PCP)

The Python coding practitioner level from Knowledge Pillar is more of an entry-level certification. This is a level for beginners and starters who have little or no experience in Python programming. This is the very start of the journey to becoming a professional in Python programming.

Candidates of this certificate would prove to be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and understand the essentials of programming. The student is introduced to the concept of syntax and semantics python programming. It is after the completion of this certification that an individual can go ahead to the Python Coding Specialist level to climb the ladder of becoming an expert in the programming language.

Python Coding Specialist (PCS)

The Python coding specialist level exam from Knowledge Pillar is the intermediate tier of the Python programming certification path. The students at this level are students who already have a general knowledge of Python.

It is at this level the confidence of a student is being built, and from here, a dedicated student is easily separated from the flock of coding practitioners. At this level, a student can prove that he or she now understands better python programming language beyond the fundamentals and is looking forward to becoming an expert to stand as a professional python developer.

10 Skills You Verify with the PCS Certification

  • Python Basic Concepts
  • Variables and Operators
  • Using Conditional Statements
  • Using Loops
  • Create and use Functions and Generators
  • Python Data Structures
  • Using Modules and Packages
  • Classes, Objects and OOP
  • Respond to Events and Exceptions
  • I/O Operations Using Python

Python Coding Expert (PCE)

The Python coding expert level exam by Knowledge Pillar is the highest level of expertise in the Python programming language. It is expected that anyone that wants to get certified as an expert programmer must have been coding for at least two years. Students at this level are conversant with every minor and technical aspect of Python programming. In other institutions, there are two different certifications for this level (PCPP 1 &PCPP 2).

At this level, the student is advanced and understands the technicality of Python programming like text file processing, advanced OOP, GUI Programming, etc. Anyone with this certification can go-ahead to build a successful career in the Python programming language.

Importance of Python Certification

Have you wondered if it is beneficial to get a certification for your python skills? Here are a few reasons why you should;

  • Competence: There is no way to prove your competency in a skill if you’re not certified. Certification demonstrates your efficiency and knowledge in your chosen profession. It’s credible proof you’re skilled in Python programming. When your credentials are being checked in your absence, the certificate tells potential employers what you are capable of and what you can offer to their organisation.
  • Preference During Hiring Process: For you to prove your skills to the hiring manager, you have to attach your certificate for clarification. It’s no news that preference is given to individuals who have proof of the needed skills than to those who don’t but are dependent on word of mouth. Let your certificate do the talking for you.
  • Establishment of An Expert: Certification gives you the bragging rights to call yourself an expert in the python programming industry. With the certificate of a coding expert, you are recognised as a professional, and you can stand toe to toe with experts around the world with confidence.
  • Exposure to Digital Opportunities: The outbreak of Covid-19 has accelerated the transformation of digital activities. This means that new and more significant opportunities are available for those who have been certified as a Python programmer. Since many employers will prefer to hire individuals with certificates, young graduates will have the opportunity to get hired before their peers.

The Benefit of a Python Certification by Knowledge Pillars

KP is a vendor-neutral IT certification provider, and this means that our exams are covered broadly but extensively. The KP Python programming language certification ensures there’s a match between the workforce demand and supply in the industry. KP offers industry-leading certification and practice materials that support young professionals to become industry-recognised.

From the entry-level which is the coding practitioner level, straight to the intermediate level, which is the coding specialist, and then the final level of expertise which is the coding expert level, Knowledge Pillar provides the needed certification to prove your skills.


Regardless of how skilled you are in the Python programming language if there are limited certifications to show your expertise, so how will you be regarded as a competent programmer. With Knowledge Pillars, your industry-recognised certification is assured, and you are more likely to be chosen over other applicants by the hiring manager.