C# Coding Specialist Certification Voucher (CCS)


This beta exam is only available for purchase by Subject Matter Experts.

CCS – C# Coding Specialist Certification BETA by Knowledge Pillars is a globally recognized industry certification on C# programming, which grants coding specialists, software developers or engineers, game developers and IT professionals the ability to assess their knowledge and get credentials for their programming skills. The unique peculiarity of the CCS Certification is the assessment modality, which consists of a real live coding environment, offers candidates the ability to write proper code to perform tasks-based questions. This technology is called LITA (Live in the Application) and Knowledge Pillars is one of the very few organizations able to provide this very advanced assessment solution.

Exam Details

Number of questions: 35
Time limit: 45 minutes
Passing score: 75%
Format: Linear and Live-in-the-App

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This is a BETA Exam. This exam can only be purchased by Subject Matter Experts. Apply to become a Subject Matter Expert here. BETA Exams are available at an 80% Discount. Read more about how to participate in the BETA Exams here.

Schools and Test Centers

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Technical Requirements

The minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 OS, MacOS X 10.0x or newer, Linux OS
  • Minimum RAM: 1GB or more depending on the Operating System
  • Minimum processor: 1.0 Ghz or more depending on the operating system and the architecture
  • A color monitor with minimum display resolution: 1366px by 768px
  • Internet access
  • The latest version of the Chrome browser
  • Automatic updates, notifications, other popup windows, and anything that can disrupt the examination process should be disabled