Live-in-the-App Practice Tests

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Be Prepared.

Our live-in-app practice tests support test takers in preparing for the Knowledge Pillars certification exams.

Be familiar with the testing environment, our certificatoin exams and how the questions operate in an easy to use intuitive learning environment. You can practice from just about anywhere in a ‘real-test’ or practice-test’ mode.

Build Your Confidence.

Practice as often as you like.

When you purchase a practice test from us you are gauranteed to pass your Knowledge Pillars certification exam. These practice tests are available for individuals and schools.

Practice Test Laptop Screen
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Get access to a real test and practice test environment. Manage your time or the objective domains to be covered.


Receive a full performance and score report so you can see your skills grow with practice.

Unlimited Practice

The world is your oyster. Practice from anywhere as many times as you like within 90 days.


100% Guaranteed to Pass

Those students who sign-up and practice frequently are guaranteed to pass their international certification exam. 

Question Types

Includes 120+ Parsons programming puzzles, drag-and-drop matching and multiple-choice question types.

Easy to Setup

The system is intuitive and easy to set up. Detailed technical requirements are listed on the product page.

"These Practice Tests were extremely helpful in getting my students ready for the Python Coding Specialist exam"

– Moya Langford