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Our partners and exam distributors play an important role in helping aspiring professionals worldwide to validate their skills and stay current. Purchase your next Knowledge Pillars exam from any of our EADP or exclusive exam distributors below.

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Kompas Xnet d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in the field of information technology in Slovenia. As a Microsoft Certified Partner we are especially...

 Exclusive Distributor /  Slovenia

The innovative learning approach, work with the latest software and modern equipment and satisfied customers, provided as a place of country leader in IT education....

 Exclusive Distributor /  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since 1979, we have successfully developed people, offered consulting services and helped our clients achieve their goals. As Sweden's largest competence developer for companies and...

 EADP Partner /  Sweden

Netmind is the leading IT training company in Spain. With offices in Barcelona and Madrid, we train more than 6.000 IT professionals per year. We...

 EADP Partner /  Spain

Pipeline was born in 1991 to supply professional services, joining together pluriannual experiences of experts in the IT field. The variety of products and services offered...

 Exclusive Distributor /  Italy

Promennt is a leading brand in educating IT specialists and the only Microsoft Certified Partner in Learning Solutions in Iceland. At Promennt students of all...

 Exclusive Distributor /  Iceland

We help many of the world’s leading companies to build their tech and digital capabilities via our leading range of training courses, reskilling bootcamps, and work-based learning programmes...

 Exclusive Distributor /  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Rumos is the most representative company providing training services and technical certification of IT professionals in Portugal. Founded in January 1992, its partnerships and recognition...

 Exclusive Distributor /  Portugal

Semos Education is one the first and the biggest IT education centers in the Western Balkans with over 20 educational programs, over 300 courses, 110...

 Exclusive Distributor /  North Macedonia

We know that by using the right technologies with the right skills, anybody can work smarter and get better results. Our mission at Sovelto, is...

 Exclusive Distributor /  Finland

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Aakash Munjal
Thinksmart for Development & Training W.L.L.
ThinkSmart’s Partnership with Knowledge Pillars will be a great addition to our quality skilling and certifications offering to our students and clients here in the Gulf Region. The EADP Program of Knowledge Pillars will help us introduce a unique, authentic way of testing the skills for the world’s leading technologies like Python, C#, and Word Press, etc.

These programming languages are the most sought after and valuable ones in the world today. It is a proud moment for ThinkSmart to be recognized as an Authorized EADP Partner for the Gulf. As an accredited partner in the program, it will help us to continue our journey to provide skilling and certifications needed to fill the huge gap between the current skills with the IT developers and what the market needs.
Alberto Chiarini
Pipeline Srl.
At Pipeline, we have always considered the skills certification to be an essential component of our training proposal: it is a guarantee and an outstanding value for our customers.

Knowledge Pillars certifications enrich and complete our offer in such an important sector as software development and web editing. We have chosen them for their adherence to reality with an innovative assessment method and for the fact that they are the most effective in these fields.

We want to grow together with Knowledge Pillars and offer our clients personal growth, career advancement, financial reward and professional recognition every day.
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Knowledge Pillars is a young company, but its team offers more than four decades of experience across IT education, training and software development in the EdTech industries. We always welcome partnership opportunities with the goal of shared growth and mutual benefit. We select, every year, several unique organizations to partner with which enable participating members to integrate Knowledge Pillars foundational web-editing and development certifications into their training programs through the KP Exam Administration & Distribution Program (EADP).

If you wish to partner with us, please complete our application form.

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