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Knowledge Pillars is a young company, but its team offers more than three decades of experience across IT education, training and software development in the EdTech industries. We always welcome partnership opportunities with the goal of shared growth and mutual benefit. We select, every year, several organizations to partner which enable participating members to integrate Knowledge Pillars foundational web-editing and development certifications into their training programs through the KP Exam Administration & Distribution Program (EADP).

If you wish to partner with us, please reach out to us at or fill in the below form.

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Vendor Neutrality

Vendor neutrality so you can reach a larger audience and community of editors, coders and developers.

EADP Program Discounts

Grow your business and meet demands while enjoying higher than standard margins.

Growing Demand

Bundle our exams with your training, target in-demand skills using a reliable assessment approach.


Validate your students unique skills with intuitive first to market certifications that are 100% web-based and performed live-in-the-app.

 Our Partners and Distributors

Our partners and exam distributors play an important role in helping aspiring professionals worldwide to validate their skills and stay current.