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Reduce Your Hiring Costs, Upskill and Certify Your Existing Workforce Instead

Adopt a continuous learning culture in your organization, focus on role-based skills, and continue to evaluate and validate your teams’ performance through accredited certifications. Consider the Knowledge Pillars coding and web editing certification exams to validate your teams’ specific coding skill-sets or align them to your recruitment strategies. With its combined linear and live-in-the-app testing methodology you will start to build a motivated workforce, save costs and see your business thrive.

Quantifiable credentials, smart adoption of technology and the validation promise.

Knowledge Pillars develops task-based live-in-the app certification exams for some of the fastest-growing major programming languages, application frameworks and content management systems that help professionals quickly find jobs in Big Data, Development, AI, Robotics and Cybersecurity roles.

The “Specialist” trainer is the first in Russia who received the status of WordPress Certified Editor (WCE)

“Specialist” trainer Nepomnyaschchiy Mikhail is the first in Russia to pass the exam and achieve the status of WordPress Certified Editor, confirmed by a certificate from Knowledge Pillars.

Use A Powerful .Net Platform For The Development Of Cross-Platform Applications

.Net is a free open-source platform for creating different types of programming applications developed by Microsoft. .Net is cross-platform, which allows you to run programs developed on it in various operating systems. The most popular of them are Windows, Linux, macOS, and others.