Knowledge Pillars Announces New CEO

Salt Lake City, UT, Feb. 5, 2024 – Founder of Knowledge Pillars, Alessandro Macri, who has passionately led the organization as CEO for the past four years, is transitioning to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) while continuing to serve on the board. Simultaneously, the company is excited to welcome Aaron Osmond as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Alessandro founded Knowledge Pillars in the fall of 2020, growing the organization into a valued and trusted provider in the IT Certification and Assessment Industry for coding and web development skills validation. Under his leadership, Knowledge Pillars has achieved remarkable milestones, thanks to a dedicated team of sales and operation professionals, and a talented technical team under the leadership of Ana Macri (Chief Product and Technology Officer). Alessandro’s decision to transition to the role of COO reflects his commitment to the long-term growth and operational success of the company.

Aaron Osmond, the incoming CEO, needs no introduction within the industry. His exceptional talent, skill set, and proven track record of driving sustained growth and innovation in the IT Training and Certification industry over the last 25 years are well known. Aaron’s ability to lead teams and organizations that surpass customer expectations, and drive consistent business growth, has made him a standout leadership figure in the industry.

According to Alessandro, “Aaron Osmond is not only one of the finest executive professionals and salesperson in our industry but also one of my dearest friends,” said Macri. “I am grateful for his belief and confidence in the future of Knowledge Pillars that he would leave an executive role at Amazon Web Services to join our team and lead our mission of empowering kids to qualify for coding careers around the world!”

Aaron Osmond expressed his enthusiasm to take the reins as the new CEO: “I am honored and excited to take on the role of CEO at Knowledge Pillars. Alessandro and his team have laid a remarkable foundation, and I am eager to support the growth of this great company to the next level. With the incredible professional team already in place, we will take the next steps required to ensure that Knowledge Pillars becomes an undisputed leader in the IT Certification and Assessment sector for coding and web development skills in Public and Higher Education.”

This transition marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in Knowledge Pillars’ history. The organization looks forward to an era of continued growth and innovation under Aaron’s leadership.

Knowledge Pillars believes in the transformative power of IT education and certification and is committed to preparing the next generation of IT professionals to qualify for success in a rapidly evolving digital world of coding and web development careers. With our focus on hands-on learning and our innovative live-in-the-application assessment platform, our certification programs set a new standard for excellence in IT coding and web development education and skills assessment.

We are dedicated to expanding access to these high-quality IT education and skills assessment tools to all students in public and higher education globally. Our mission is to empower students (in Public and Higher Education) with practical skills and knowledge to qualify for careers in coding, web development, and IT tools through our innovative certification programs.

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