Looking back at 2021 – The Knowledge Pillars 365 Day Story

Looking back at 2021, we have learned so much and are excited about the adventures we will embark on in 2022. Together with our partners and Knowledge Pillars team, we will continue to disrupt the certification industries and ensure the next generation of coders and IT specialists find great employment opportunities by testing their real coding skills through our live-in-the-app technology.

Where do we even begin? To look back at the year we had we have to go way back to October 2020, during a time when life as we knew it changed. Alessandro Macri’ based in Switzerland at the time, started Knowledge Pillars together with a group of individuals who carry years of experience in the EdTech industry. Fast forward to one year later, Knowledge Pillars now boasts 8 live-in-the-app certification exams and 3 practice tests released with multiple exams including JAVA, PHP, C++ and C planned for 2022. Not only has Knowledge Pillars certification exams been recognized by the Florida Department of Education but also managed to partner with one of the largest training associations in the world, The Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA). “Through this exclusive distribution partnership with The LLPA our exams can now reach aspiring tech professionals in more than 36 countries from South Africa to Iceland, Australia to the UK,” says Alessandro.

Knowledge Pillars Certification Exams

Knowledge Pillars offers live-in-the-app vendor-neutral certifications for aspiring coding and web-editing professionals of all ages. We support individuals looking to validate their real skills. These State-approved certification exams can also easily be incorporated into the middle school, K-12, post-secondary and technical college curriculum.

Since the announcement of our exams on the CAPE Florida and Digital Tools list we have seen computer science, digital media, journalism, yearbook, marketing and business-aligned CTE classes use Knowledge Pillars exams to validate skills achieved in the classroom ranging from WordPress, Python and HTML & CSS as well as JavaScript, that’s just remarkable,” says Bryan Whatley, Chief Academic Officer at Knowledge Pillars.

      • Python Coding Apprentice
      • Python Coding Specialist
      • WordPress Certified Editor
      • JavaScript Coding Specialist
      • HTML & CSS Coding Specialist
      • C# Coding Specialist
      • T-SQL Coding Specialist
      • .Net Coding Specialist

Knowledge Pillars Practice Tests

Practice Tests by Knowledge Pillars offers school students, aspiring coders, junior software developers, and IT professionals the ability to assess their knowledge and prepare for the international certification exam. This assessment performed live-in-the-app combines a variety of Parsons programming puzzles, drag-and-drop matching and multiple-choice question types. You can also choose the objective domains you want to practice. Those students who sign-up and practice frequently are guaranteed to pass their international certification exam.

      • Python Coding Apprentice
      • Python Coding Specialist
      • WordPress Certified Editor

We’re excited about what the future will bring. We aim to have our certifications reach all four corners of the globe, figuratively speaking. We will continue to strengthen our EADP program that offers leading training and academic institutions the ability to distribute and deliver the Knowledge Pillars exams in their local country. We are actively engaging in new states to support teachers and CTE Directors to increase their skills validation offerings for their students. We will continue to ensure that our certification exams are aligned to the highest computer science standards. We will work to form alliances with State and local education agencies who have actively begun to adopt policies and develop key infrastructure to support computer science for all students, expressing mutual interest for guidance in this new frontier. A framework was developed for states, districts, schools, and organizations to inform the development of standards and curriculum, build capacity for teaching computer science, and implement computer science pathways.

“It has been an epic year for Knowledge Pillars. We started in January 2021 with a long list of goals to accomplish infused by operational and business development targets and, I am proud to say, we have achieved them all. We have hired top-class employees that are making a huge impact. We exhibited at and attended our first in-person event at ACTE 2021 in New Orleans –the largest CTE-focused event in the USA today. And finally, we have secured several partnership agreements with training and academic institutions worldwide. We are proud to announce our latest partnership with The Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) for the corporate training market extending our portfolio to the customers of 33 top training providers, spread across 50 countries. We have a lot to do in 2022 with more challenging goals to accomplish and, we are happy to know that our partners will be on our side.”

“We aim to continue disrupting the certification industries, making sure the next generation of coders and IT specialists find great employment opportunities by being tested on their real skills, through our live-in-the-app technology. ‘Real credentials for real skills’ are and will continue to be our motto and mission to be a concrete contributor to the education and IT industries. A special thanks to our valuable community of Subject Matter Experts and product development teams who have contributed greatly to developing the solutions we are able to offer so seamlessly today.

I wish you all and your families Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2022! Merry Christmas!”

Alessandro Macri’