Coronavirus is here! Pretending it’s not happening won’t help us overcome this unprecedented issue. One thing that we can do is to embrace ourselves and find ways to go through these times, while staying safe and make the best possible use of our time.
Training yourself, getting certified or practicing for your next certification could add significant value to your days in lockdown, especially considering that COVID is hitting jobs very hard and that the aftermath might potentially see millions of people seeking for a new employment. Only people with skills and related credentials will have better chances and be able to emerge from the dust that this event will leave behind itself.

In this turmoil, we want to provide with our contribution. We are leading providers of IT educational tools and we feel the big responsibility of the mission we have in this strategical role. 
That’s why we have decided to grant all of our customers with a significant discount, of up to 50%, on all of our products until December 31st 2020.

In order to get advantage of the discount, customers you will be asked to request a voucher which will switch on the special price in your account. 

Start using your time for something that will last longer than this pandemic: your skills!

Request the voucher, filling in the form below: