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Knowledge Pillars offers live-in-the-app vendor-neutral certifications for aspiring coding and web-editing professionals of all ages. We support individuals looking to validate their real skills.

Our State-approved certification exams can also easily be incorporated into the middle school, K-12, post-secondary and technical college curriculum.

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Unique vendor-neutral certification exams performed live-in-the-app.

This innovative technology is changing the future of skills validation. Test takers are asked to perform task-based activities which measure the capabilities and applied-skills of that individual, solving diverse problems and situations related to that certification exam domain, separating those candidates that ‘know’ from those who can ‘do’.

Python Coding Apprentice

Python is one of the most loved programming languages by developers, data scientists, software engineers, and even hackers because of its versatility, flexibility, and object-oriented features.

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Python Coding Specialist

A globally recognized industry certification for Python programming, granting coding specialists and software developers the ability to assess their knowledge and get credentials for their programming skills.

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T-SQL Coding Specialist

All applications that communicate with SQL Server do so by sending T-SQL statements to the server. T-SQL queries include the SELECT statement, selecting columns, labelling output columns, restricting rows and modifying a search condition.

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C# Coding Apprentice

Validate your fundamental C# coding skills, prove that you can work with .NET Classes, Design Patterns, Identifiers, Data Types and LINQ. 

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C# Coding Specialist

Swim into a sea of coding with the high-level C# programming. Validate your general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming skills and impress potential employers with your proven C# knowledge.

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.Net Coding Specialist

Used on multiple platforms & architectures, this certification will help you prove that you have the skills to build server apps that run on Windows, macOS and Linux. This exam measures application, design, development and troubleshooting capabilities.

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JavaScript Coding Specialist

The most flexible programming languages implemented across the web allowing web designers and developers to build fluid interactive web pages. Validate your skills with this exam and prove your capabilities.

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Java Coding Apprentice

Java Coding Apprentice certification is designed for junior developers who are just starting out with Java programming and provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Java.

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Java Coding Specialist

The Java Coding Specialist certification is designed for software developers and IT professionals who have a strong understanding of Java programming concepts and the ability to develop, test, and maintain high-quality Java code. 

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HTML/CSS Coding Specialist

Foundational to all web design, they work together to build and format the most intuitive sites we see today. Level up your skills and validate your ability to work with HTML and CSS before moving onto other languages like JavaScript.

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WordPress Certified Editor

WordPress Certified Editor (WCE) is the only certification that allows candidates to get relevant industry credentials for their WordPress editing skills. Validate your ability to manage categories, tags, posts, pages and more.

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WordPress Elementor Specialist

The WordPress Elementor Specialist certification is a professional designation that recognizes a developer’s expertise in using the Elementor page builder for WordPress.

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WordPress WooCommerce Specialist

The WordPress WooCommerce Specialist certification is a professional designation that recognizes a developer’s expertise in using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. 

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WordPress Certified Administrator

WordPress Certified Administrator certification is designed for individuals who are interested in demonstrating their expertise in managing and maintaining a WordPress website. 

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WordPress Certified Developer

WordPress Certified Developer certification is a professional designation that recognizes a developer’s expertise in using the popular WordPress content management system. 

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“I could prove to my employer that I have the skills to do the job.”

I am a C# developer, but I have never taken a certification because I sense that exams cannot assess my skills in a proper way. I am a creative person, I am not comfortable with a multiple or single choice format exam, where my theoretical knowledge is tested but not my actual ability to code. I am a successful professional and I feel I would like to show what I can do, rather than flagging in a question-based exam. Knowledge Pillars exams are different because I attempt it doing what I do best which is coding – I can show my practical knowledge and get certified, owning credentials that value my real competence on a global scale.

Joe Bank, FireFox Coding

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