Driving IT knowledge through expertise, competence and innovation: enhancing IT skills through accredited certifications.

Established in 2020, Knowledge Pillars (KP) is the result of over four decades of expertise in the EdTech industries, building complex in-app questions-based vendor-neutral IT certification and practice tests.

100% Web-Based

Knowledge Pillars provides industry-leading practice and certification exams aimed at K-12 or college-level students and industry professionals.

These 100% web-based certifications and skills validation services are globally recognized and highly sought after by teachers and potential employers, offering unique credentials for unique skills.


Our Mission

To help students and aspiring professionals validate their IT capabilities by verifying their skills through in-app vendor-neutral and globally recognized certifications, that benefit both employers and job seekers alike.

“By doing this, we significantly contribute to the quality of IT education and career development.” Alessandro Macri’, COO at Knowledge Pillars.

Globally Recognized

Our exams can be taken from anywhere in the world. These unique certifications help aspiring web-editing and programming professionals reach their career goals.

We aim to offer certification credentials that are unique, first to market, industry-relevant, and authentic. We are committed to developing certification exams that are aligned to the needs of the market, employing extensive research on existing skills gaps, digital business, and hiring trends.

Verify Your Skills,
Certify with Confidence.

Knowledge Pillars offers accredited industry-relevant certification stacks that help prepare students for future careers and make industry professionals’ CVs more attractive to potential employers.

Our live-in-the-app exams are 100% web-based using task-based questions that challenge exam takers to use their higher-order thinking skills to create a product or complete a process.

Our Professional Team

We strive for excellence.Our team offers over four decades of expertise in the EdTech industry.

We provide industry-leading training, practice, and certification solutions that significantly contribute to quality in IT education and career improvement aimed at K-12 or college-level students and industry professionals.

Aaron Osmond

Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Goldberg

Head of Marketing

Thomas Lange

Teacher Success Manager

Alessandro Macri'

Chief Operating Officer

Ana Macri'

Chief Product &
Technology Officer

Andrea Pane

Global Sales Operations Manager

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 Our Partners and Distributors

Our partners and exam distributors play an important role in helping aspiring professionals worldwide to validate their skills and stay current.