Knowledge Pillars Certifications on the 2021-22 CAPE Industry Certification Funding List.

The Florida Department of Education has published an updated list of Career and Professional Education (CAPE) industry certifications for middle and high school students.

The Florida Department of Education has published an updated list of Career and Professional Education (CAPE) industry certifications for middle and high school students where the Knowledge Pillars Python Coding Specialist (DOE Code: KNOWL001) and WordPress Certified Editor (DOE Code: KNOWL002) can be found.

The CareerSource Florida board is required to annually review the recommendations for CAPE certification programs brought forward by a team of subject matter experts from the Department of Education, CareerSource Florida and the Department of Economic Opportunity and determine whether to forward the list to the state Board of Education for funding by the Department of Education. 

“We are extremely proud to be recognized and listed on the 2021-22 CAPE Industry Certification Funding List. What an amazing milestone for our organization. Our industry-leading coding and web-editing credentials significantly contribute to K-12 and college-level students’ improved academic and future career prospects. We are proud to be recognized for our innovative approach to developing certifications; our exams test real skills! We challenge test-takers on their actual code writing capabilities superseding the standard and sometimes stand-alone (MC) objective type assessments. Knowledge Pillars looks forward to supporting teachers in Florida to meet their academic goals, offering students unique credentials for unique skills to accelerate next-gen talent.” said Alessandro Macri’, Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Pillars.

Why Focus on Coding and Web-Editing Credentials in Middle School and Beyond?

According to the Developer Survey by StackOverflow, Python was one of the most in-demand technologies of 2018, 2019, 2020, and seems to remain so in 2021. Python ranks 1st on the PYPL Index as the most popular programming language among professional software developers. Computer programming has become a core part of education along with maths, science, and other languages. Nearly every professional career of the future may require proficiency at some level in coding, data analysis, machine learning, and others. We see many schools embracing code into their curriculum to help prepare their students for future careers.

WordPress powers more than 42% of all websites on the internet and continues to grow. From simple websites to blogs, complex portals, enterprise websites, and even applications are built with WordPress. The demand for WordPress skills has skyrocketed because it offers so many aspiring technologists an attractive career journey. Having WordPress skills is useful whether students choose to become developers or not. Schools teaching journalism have incorporated WordPress into their curriculum due to the unlimited benefits that it brings to their program. WordPress is easy to use, 100% customizable, offers built-in ready-to-go blogging, extended functionalities, multiple user accessibility, and so much more.

Holding a validated credential from Knowledge Pillars for Python Coding Specialist or WordPress Certified Editor will elevate the uniqueness of students’ attained coding or web editing skills and support their continued learning journey. Knowledge Pillars is a leading global provider of live-in-the-app coding and web-editing IT practice and certification exams that actively contribute to career improvement and quality in IT education. These certifications are valued in the industry, using leading-edge technology to validate coding, editing and design application knowledge and abilities. This format measures a students’ ability to perform an actual task in the application, a real differentiator in the market.

About Python Coding Specialist (PCS)

The Python Coding Specialist certification exam is a globally recognized industry certification for Python programming, granting aspiring coding specialists and software developers the ability to assess their knowledge and get credentials for their programming skills.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate a firm background in developing and debugging programs using Python. Before taking the exam, a candidate is expected to have approximately 150 hours of hands-on experience or lectures on developing using Python.

The elevated level of preparation required is derived from the industry-standard level of the exam and the fact that this certification reflects the candidate’s readiness to enter the job market. Moreover, this Certification is used as a job placement index by recruiting managers, for the correct placement of a job seeker. Knowledge Pillars PCS uses a task-based format to ensure the validity of the results.

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This exam validates the candidate’s ability to perform Python coding tasks in roles such as data science, research analyst, data analyst, software development, automation, and software engineering.

About WordPress Certified Editor (WCE)

The WordPress Certified Editor certification exam is the only certification that allows candidates to get relevant industry credentials for their WordPress editing skills.

Candidates for this exam seek to demonstrate competency in the correct application of principle features of WordPress by creating and editing posts and pages in real WordPress websites. Candidates are expected to have a firm background related to managing Posts, Pages, Comments, and the Media Library, as well as using the post and page builder and editing the HTML code of posts or pages.

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This exam validates the candidate’s ability to perform WordPress editing tasks in roles such as content management, graphic design, marketing, web design and development.


The Python Coding Specialist and WordPress Certified Editor exams are available through the Knowledge Pillars online webshop. Educational institutions can contact the sales support team to find out more about the flexible volume exam and licensing options available.