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Knowledge Pillars is a leading global provider of live-in-the-app coding and web-editing IT practice and certification exams that actively contribute to career improvement and quality in IT education. We uniquely differentiate those candidates that ‘know’ from those who can ‘do’.

Why Knowledge Pillars?

Our body of certification exams are globally recognized and highly sought after by potential employers, offering unique credentials for unique skills.


100% Web-based,
live-in-the-app advanced
exam solutions.

First to Market

Offering innovative certifications and exam experiences.


Our team offers over four decades of expertise in the EdTech industry.


Developing certifications that are skills-specific
and suit the job roles of today. 

Why Live-in-the-App Testing?

The Live-in-the-Application (LITA) exam format uses leading-edge technology when validating coding, editing or design application knowledge and abilities through certifications. This technology tests the candidate’s ability to perform actual coding or editing in the application to accurately complete tasks.

  • New and improved methodology for testing.

  • Industry-related scenario-based tasks.

  • Intuitive user interface.

  • Results within 72 hours.

  • Remote proctoring options are available.

  • 2,000+ exams can be completed simultaneously to support group certification goals.

Why Certify?
The Benefits Of KP Certifications.

KP Certifications help to identify qualified professionals.

KP Certifications ensure recognition of expertise.

KP Certifications enhance credibility and prestige, it provides a vehicle for professional development.

KP Certifications ensure recognition of expertise.

Technical-Focused Pathways through CTE Across America

Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepares students to enter the workforce job-ready in growing fields such as information technology.

6 Ways To Build Your Skills in Python

A journey towards learning and mastering Python is one of dedication. As you embark on this process and endeavor towards getting a python certification, it’s vital to know how you can improve your skills faster.

The Driving Force in Your Classroom: Success Driven by Technology Adoption for a Future in Remote Learning

Remote learning and the experience of the learning environment remain one of the key topics on the agendas of all academic institutes.

The future of the C Sharp (C#) certification is designed to fit your skills.

C # skills remain invaluable as the need for applications, windows or web services, games, & reusable libraries rise across enterprises

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The most powerful cloud-based web-editing and coding certifications.

Python Coding Specialist (PCS)

The PCS is a globally-recognized industry certification on Python programming, which grants coding specialists, software developers, and IT professionals the ability to assess their knowledge and get credentials for their programming skills.

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WordPress Certified Editor (WCE)

WordPress Certified Editor (WCE) is the only available certification that allows candidates to get relevant industry credentials for their WordPress editing skills and demonstrate competency in the correct application of principle WordPress features.

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